What to Expect From a Recruitment Agency

Whether as a business seeking new staff or as an individual looking to get into your dream industry, working with a recruitment agency such as Real Talk Careers is one of the best business decisions you can make. Recruitment firms use their in-depth knowledge of industries, the hiring process and what suitable job candidates look like to match your business with the ideal staff member.

If you’re sick of wasting countless hours searching through sub-par candidates for a position that needs filling as soon as possible, partnering with a recruitment agency to help conduct your search is the right choice. Similarly, if you are a job seeker looking for a way into your preferred industry, a recruitment agency can get your foot in the door.

Real Talk Careers is here to help, whether you are a job seeker or recruiting for a business. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to find the right job matches across a wide variety of North American industries. To learn more about the Real Talk Careers experience, simply read on!

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What Do Recruitment Agencies Do?

What Do Recruitment Agencies Do


What to expect from a recruitment agency will change based on which you choose, but with Real Talk Careers, businesses can anticipate:


  • Better candidates to choose from
  • Greater retention of employees gained through the agency 
  • An ongoing relationship that ensures everything runs smoothly with your new employees.



For job seekers, you can expect an easier path toward the industry you are looking to work within. At Real Talk Careers, we have connections with businesses that may not be looking for employees publicly, so you won’t find these opportunities through traditional job-seeking methods.

Specialist recruitment companies such as Real Talk Careers will have extensive experience with specific industries, using them to facilitate lasting partnerships between employers and employees. The industries we specialize in include infrastructure, energy, mining and construction. By knowing these industries intimately, we have a clear picture of what businesses are looking for in their ideal candidates. This isn’t an advantage you will enjoy with more general recruitment agencies.

Recruitment agencies should work closely with their clients and candidates, ensuring that everybody involved is satisfied with the results. The goal is for businesses to find the ideal candidate to help them thrive, while job seekers are given the opportunity to advance their careers. The Real Talk Careers team is committed to forming these strong partnerships between employees and recruits.

How Can Recruitment Services Help Your Business?

Your time is a precious resource, so each minute and hour saved by having someone else look for a suitable candidate or a new contractor will make a world of difference. Recruitment agencies take the pain out of seeking employees to help your business grow. 

Creating and maintaining a strategic partnership between your business and the recruitment agency is the key to success. At Real Talk Careers, we get to know your business and its values well so that whenever you need a new staff member, we can simply tap into our existing network of candidates and find the ideal match.

Our commitment to these strategic partnerships is what sets Real Talk Careers apart from many other recruitment firms. We believe that North American businesses deserve to find the perfect candidate every time, and we are committed to making that happen.

Good recruitment companies will also be aware of how the job landscape is changing at all times and will be able to give you advice about how to navigate it. With experts on hand ready to help fill each and every vacant position in your company, it makes a world of difference. If you are regularly looking for contractors or short-term employees, recruitment agencies are the obvious choice to save you time and money.

At Real Talk Careers, we take great pride in being able to offer our clients and candidates specialized support as a niche agency. We take the time to get to know the people we work with in order to better fulfil their needs.

Ready to maximize the potential of your candidate pool? Get in touch with the Real Talk Careers team on +1 604 601 2097. Alternatively, you can fill out our contact form, and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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