Mining Recruitment.

As a specialist mining recruitment agency, Real Talk Careers is in the best position to help you grow your employee base and improve your business operations. Our mission is to match specialized mining candidates with the right mining companies, increasing efficiency in one of North America’s largest sectors.

Real Talk Careers has over 30 years of industry experience, with our team having worked in leadership roles at several Fortune 100 businesses. Our expertise means we will ensure you have access to the best candidates for your roles across the project lifecycle.

Across our team, we have hands-on experience within the mining industry, including in leadership roles. Our previous experience, in conjunction with our extensive knowledge of recruitment for the mining sector, allows us to present the best candidates to our clients.

As a niche staffing agency, we pride ourselves on using recruitment processes that are tailored to the mining sector and your business’s specific operations. By extending your candidate search to our comprehensive network of industry professionals, Real Talk Careers will help you find the ideal candidate to thrive within your company.


Mining recruitment

Recruiting For Mining Jobs

Within the mining sector, talent acquisition means finding candidates that are well-equipped with the right experience, qualifications, and skills. Depending on your company, this may mean searching for skilled on-site workers such as site supervisors and engineers or employees for
your corporate office.

When it comes to employee acquisition, businesses within the mining sector benefit from employing mining recruitment companies with a plethora of industry experience. Our extensive database of mining candidates allows us to tailor our search for the specific vacancy or multiple vacancies within your company.

Regardless of how challenging the candidate appointment may be, we strive to find talent that will suit the role and exceed expectations. Our knowledge of the various positions within the mining sector helps to ensure great results for our clients. The Real Talk Careers team is committed to bringing the right person to you.

Finding Suitable Candidates For The Role

As one of the leading mining job agencies, we understand the challenges of finding a suitable candidate. This goes beyond finding candidates with the right skills, extending to talent that embodies the values of your company and is motivated to help your business succeed. Whether you’re looking for your next geologist, safety expert, miner, or project manager, we’re here to help.

Before getting started, we hold a kickoff meeting with you to get a better understanding of your company and develop our criteria for the ideal candidates. Once we have found the right talent for the position, we continue to offer support by following up and providing advice to help ensure your continued success.

Our processes will continue to evolve as the mining sector evolves. Staying on top of mining staffing requirements ensures that we can keep delivering the best results for our clients and candidates, using our bespoke service to maximize your business’s potential.

We are proud to be a mining recruitment agency that offers fantastic results, sourcing the best industry talent for your company. To get started, simply fill out our online contact form and a member of our team will be in touch soon.

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