How to Optimize the Recruitment Process

Optimizing the recruitment process means creating a more efficient, streamlined and effective system for hiring the best talent for roles within an organization. As the North American workforce continues to evolve, managers and internal recruiters face the challenge of constantly updating their recruitment processes to meet modern day requirements. 

Real Talk Careers is here to help businesses optimize their recruitment process and stay ahead of the curve by building the brand of your business, analyzing data and reviewing employee feedback.

Optimizing Recruitment Process

Road to an Optimised Process

Building the Employer Brand

The way employees and candidates view and interpret your business can play a vital role in your ability to hire quality talent.

Now more than ever it is important for North American businesses and organizations with office spaces in Canada to create a favourable ‘employer brand’, one that positively reflects the values and culture of the business. This employer brand will be evaluated by potential employees, who will then decide whether they wish to be a part of your organization. Your brand reputation could be the difference between successfully hiring a candidate and losing a candidate to another employer. At Real Talk Careers, we help businesses fine-tune their employer brand to ensure the right employees are attracted to your organization.  

Quality of Hire, Turnover and Retentions

Analyzing employment data and understanding employee metrics, including quality of hire, plus turnover and retention rates is a great way to understand your position within the industry. By incorporating your findings into your organization’s recruitment process, you will have a better understanding of the type of employees that will be attracted to your company.

Internal recruiters within your organization should analyze a number of important metrics, including dates of employment, employee roles, how an employee was found for hire and whether the employee was promoted during their time with the company. This information should then be compared across the business to determine any common traits that the best performers within your business have. Real Talk Career has decades of experience analyzing all aspects of employment data in order to help businesses better understand how to attract and keep the best talent.

Reviews and Employee Referrals

Your current employees are the best and most informed people when it comes to discussing your company, its values and what it is like to work for.

With a number of websites available for current and potential employees to discuss your business, it’s pivotal to keep an eye on any online anonymous employee comments and feedback.

Reaching out to the poster in a positive, respectful manner is likely to show that you’re eager to discuss employee experiences and make your organization a better place to work. Potential employees will analyze your responses to make decisions on whether your organization is right for them.

Utilization of Recruitment Agencies

In an ever-changing talent climate, it has become increasingly challenging for businesses to hire the right employees. Drawn-out hiring processes can cause company resources to be spread thin which can lead to an increased strain on employers, employees and the recruitment team.

With many difficult-to-fill roles taking significantly longer to hire for than in previous decades, North American companies are benefiting from outsourcing recruiting to experienced recruitment agencies, such as Real Talk Careers.

Real Talk Careers are experts in specific sectors across North America. By working with our experienced team, businesses have much greater access to large networks of talent, have the option to hire confidentially and are more likely to be matched with candidates that are a good fit for the position and the company. 

Businesses that want to ensure their employees have the time to focus on doing what they do best whilst simultaneously securing top talent should consider utilizing Real Talk Careers for their next hire.

Real Talk Careers – The Preferred Recruitment Partner

real talk careers

Real Talk Careers is a leading recruitment agency servicing North American businesses. Our expert team is committed to pairing organizations with the best talent within the following sectors:

  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction 
  • Energy
  • Utilities
  • Mining 

As a company, we take pride in excellent outcomes for both our clients and pool of candidates. Our specialized team has hands-on industry experience within the sectors we operate and works closely with all stakeholders to find the right candidate to thrive within your organization.

The Real Talk Careers recruitment process is undertaken by a subject matter expert and a recruitment specialist, allowing us to successfully grow the careers of our candidates and positively impact North American businesses. 

To begin your search for top industry talent, give the Real Talk Careers team a call on +1 604 601 2097 or contact us today.

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