Why do companies outsource recruitment?

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

recruitment process outsourcing



Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is the process of working with a team of industry experts to source and evaluate pools of talent for an organization. This type of hiring is one of the most efficient ways to secure the best talent for the company in a streamlined and cost-effective process.

At Real Talk Careers, our experienced team of RPO providers are committed to pairing the strongest candidates with the organizations that we work with. Each of our team members are subject matter experts, with significant knowledge in the industries that we work in. This allows us to develop and present pools of talented candidates to organizations in on-demand, end-to-end and project-based RPO. By outsourcing recruitment with Real Talk Careers, our clients are benefited in a number of valuable ways.

Types of RPO

On-demand RPO

On-demand RPO is beneficial for North American organizations that require talent for specific projects. This type of RPO is scheduled and contract-based to ensure that the company has access to the highest-quality talent when they need it. At Real Talk Careers, our team gets to know your business and integrates itself into your company’s hiring process as a third-party provider to ensure the best results.

End-to-end RPO

End-to-end RPO is the ultimate recruitment solution provided by Real Talk Careers. It is beneficial for organizations that are eager to streamline the recruitment process, secure quality talent and scale recruitment based on capacity. End-to-end RPO involves extensive multi-year recruitment and involves all aspects of the hiring process, including screening, assessments, onboarding, exit interviews and more.

Project-based RPO

Project-based RPO is flexible and ad hoc. This type of recruitment process gives organizations the ability to request talent acquisition from Real Talk Careers for specific roles within a specified time frame, ensuring that the company can hire extra talent during busy seasons or when specific roles need to be filled.

The Benefits of RPO

Cost Reduction

Recruitment process outsourcing is an efficient way to reduce recruitment costs. RPO minimizes the money and resources an organization is required to spend on posting job ads, sorting through applications, headhunting and more. 

An expert RPO provider such as Real Talk Careers will manage the recruitment process for you, to ensure you spend less time and money on finding the right candidate. Based on your initial brief, we will present the top candidates to you using the most up-to-date technology and processes. We help organizations fill any vacant positions and reduce HR responsibilities, thereby saving you time and money.

Scalable Recruiting Capacity

Seasonal organizations will benefit from recruitment process outsourcing as RPO providers such as Real Talk Careers are able to scale up and scale down recruitment as needs change. The flexibility and scalability of RPO is also extremely beneficial for North American organizations experiencing rapid growth.

Streamlined Hiring Process

At Real Talk Careers, we are dedicated to streamlining the hiring process for our clients. Our robust processes are tried-and-tested, allowing us to dip into pre-existing talent pools and source additional talent quickly and efficiently. As PRO providers, we are able to present you with the best available talent for your position and assist you with the hiring of these candidates, minimizing any costly recruitment delays.

Employer Brand Building

RPO improves an organization’s recruitment process, thereby benefiting a business’ ‘employer brand’. The ‘employer brand’ describes how the business is viewed, and a good reputation plays a vital role in acquiring quality talent. Real Talk Careers helps clients improve their ‘employer brand’ in many ways, including taking the pressure of HR professionals and employees responsible for recruiting.

Data Driven Reporting and Decision Making

To ensure the most efficient recruitment process, RPO providers such as Real Talk Careers use data and reports to drive decision making and improve processes. This means that Real Talk Careers will measure the effectiveness of every talent acquisition, based on cost of hire, quality of hire and time to hire. As a result, we will take active steps to ensure recruitment activity is beneficial and streamlined for organizations. 

Real Talk Careers – The Preferred Recruitment Partner

As the preferred recruitment partner in North America, we ensure the highest quality results for organizations within a variety of sectors, including:

  • Mining 
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Industrial
  • Utilities
  • Construction 

Real Talk Careers is proud of the results we produce for our clients and candidates. Each of our expert team members have years of hands-on industry experience, allowing us to correctly match candidates to organizations based on specific needs. Our industry experts will work alongside an organization and our internal HR team to ensure the selected candidate thrives within the company and helps to take our clients to the next level.  

To find out more about how recruitment process outsourcing can benefit your organization, give the Real Talk Careers team a call on +1(604) 601 2097 or contact us today.

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