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As the experts in searching and selecting talent for industrial markets, the team at Real Talk. Careers takes pride in finding the absolute best fit for your business.

About US

We work closely with our clients and candidates to ensure that everybody enjoys the best

results. By using our industry knowledge and years of experience, we will help you find the
right candidate to thrive in your business.

Our hands-on industry experience within the roles we hire for sets us apart from other
employment agencies. Real Talk Careers will always ensure a recruiter and subject matter
expert reviews each candidate before putting them forward to our clients. This helps us
ensure that our clients get the perfect talent to help grow their business, and our candidates
get to advance their careers.

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Strategic partnerships

At Real Talk Careers, we have built our methods around data gathered during our time in the
industries we work with. This means that we understand the characteristics that make up the
perfect candidate for your business. With our team working in leadership roles across multiple
Fortune 100 companies, we’re confident we know what it takes to make sure your business

Creating and maintaining strategic partnerships with our clients is at the heart of Real Talk
Careers staffing agency. By nurturing relationships between your business and our extensive
candidate network, everybody wins.

It isn’t only about finding somebody with the right skills for your business. We strive to find the
perfect candidate to meet and exceed your needs. This means finding a candidate that also
embodies the core values of your company.

Our specialized approach and commitment to our strategic partnerships are what sets us
apart from other employment agencies. Businesses deserve access to the highest quality
talent, and that’s what we aim to provide.

The Best Talent

We take great pride in being a niche agency, which allows us to get to know our clients and candidates to a much greater degree than other recruitment companies. North America has a
rich supply of talent, with a wide variety of skilled candidates who may be perfect for your next

Real Talk Careers knows that the marketplace and candidate landscape is constantly changing.
We make it our mission to keep up with what businesses need and what candidates are looking
for. With a staffing solution that provides real results, we work hard to maximize your business’s
potential with the right employees.

By partnering with us, you will get access to a talented team that provides a bespoke service to
attract the best candidates to you.

If you are ready to start your search for the top talent to boost your company, get in touch with
the staffing agency businesses can rely on. Simply complete our online contact form, and
we’ll be ready to help.

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Innovative Staffing Solutions

The candidate landscape and marketplace are everchanging. With our industry knowledge, cutting edge technology and good old fashion work ethic we offer a staffing solution that delivers real world results.

Niche staffing agency

We are a niche staffing agency and recruitment partner with clients in the following markets:
Oil and Gas
What Do Recruitment Agencies Do

What makes us different

We pride ourselves on having a process that differs from every other staffing agency out there. We have an extended network of industry professionals who are an extension of our search process. With this advantage our process uncovers the individuals who really meet the criteria your organization needs.

01. Kick off Meeting

We meet you, the hiring manager and HR to understand the role, the requirements and deep dive in to your company culture and candidate fit.

02. Search Execution Plan

Like any great project a solid plan equals success. In partnership with our clients, we utilize our experience and expertise to formulate a sound strategy that will attract the very best talent to your organization. 

03. Execution and Sourcing

Now that the plan is created our dedicated team will go to market and execute with purpose. Our bespoke approach means we identify the right candidates every time.  

04. Research, Outreach, Assesses

Every step in our talent attraction approach is methodically thought out. We even create a process to connect and attract candidates which means we engage with the right prospects for your organization. 

05. Make the Hire

We support our clients in making the right hiring decisions every time. Whether that’s salary surveys, market intelligence or in-depth reference checks, we do our due diligence to ensure the right hires are made. Your success is our success.

06. Follow up

We believe in long term strategic partnerships and our team is on hand to support you long after a successful hire is made.

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